Geometry Dash Lite for PC (MOD+V2.2) Download all Levels

Geometry Dash Lite for PC is a very cool and challenging game. If you are an adventure and challenging game lover, then you are welcome to the world of Geometry Dash. Geometry Dash brings many versions of the original games with different features and exceptional levels. If reading bothers you, you can download Geometry Dash Lite Apk for PC directly from here. Just click the download button, download and install on your desktop PC.

Geometry Dash Lite Mod Apk For PC

  • Unlimited Everything
  • Unlimited Money
  • Easy Customization
  • Free

Description of Geometry Dash Lite APK

Geometry Dash Lite is a free version of the Geometry Dash game. As Geometry Dash was released in December 2013 by RobTop Russian Developers. It is a premium game because you have to pay to download it from Google Play Store. Not every person willing to pay for a game because numerous games are available free at the play store. 

Therefore after two years, RobTop developers instigated the lite version of Geometry Dash named Geometry Dash Lite. It is also called the spin-off of Geometry Dash. There are many critical differences between Geometry Dash and Geometry Dash Lite. 

Geometry Dash Lite is a free version of Geometry Dash’s original apk. Anyone can download it free from Play Store, and you do not need to pay a single penny for it. However, it is the game with the advertisement. I think this is the drawback of this game that ads bother you while playing the game. 

There are a total of 13 levels in Geometry Dash lite, and you cannot create your own choice of levels. The user-generated level option is not available in this game. The character shape and color customization are also limited. The crucial benefit is that you can play it for free and enjoy the gameplay same as the Geometry Dash Premium Apk.

Geometry Dash Lite Gameplay

The best game is one that keeps you addicted to its gameplay. Geometry Dash Lite gameplay is the most challenging among all other Arcade games. It has different geometry shapes and characters in the world of geometry dash lite. The gameplay is fascinating because you have to be very careful while playing it. 

Many obstacles have different geometrical shapes like a saw, flaming disc, Short and high buildings, sharp edges stones, and many more. The aim is to save the character from hitting these hurdles in the way of the game. 

Furthermore, the gameplay is looking very easy, as we described it in simple words. In fact, it is not an easy game. The levels become more and more difficult as you proceed to the game. Due to its difficulty level, it has its significance among all the Arcade games. 

Additionally, you think controls will be complicated and will be amazed that you just have to tap while playing this game. This game has state of the art addiction. We warn you to play this game only in your leisure time or when you want to kill time; all this, 

Geometry Dash Lite has a prominent feature with a practice mode available. The gameplay is so tough that you cannot be able to play it without practicing first. It is one of fewer games that you can customize according to your own choice. 

By this, you can create your own level with your desired difficulty. You can now enjoy the features of the Premium game. All the premium features are available, be ready to enjoy.

Geometry Dash Lite Full Version Details

GameGeometry Dash Lite
Developed byRobTop Developers
Updated Version2.2
Android4.0 or above
Rating Count6,803,823
Size48.2 MB
Operating SystemWindows

Features of Geometry Dash Lite Game

The reason behind the likeness of Geometry Dash Lite is its outstanding game features. The noteworthy features of this game are listed below.

  • Unique background music for each level makes Geometry Dash lite more interesting. It just does not give you entertainment but also boosts up your energy while playing the game. You feel motivated and more challenging. The sounds change at every passing obstacle and make you more addicted. Briefly, geometry dash lite music is energetic.
  • A Single character makes you get bored sometimes during a game. Most of the players want to customize the theme and icon according to their own choice. So, here comes the geometry dash lite full version that gives you the feature to change the icon and even customize the colors. You can also change the background color, the icon’s shape, and the icon’s color and make it more interesting.
  • You can now enjoy the different characters with different functions within the same level. There are the levels that will convert your icon into flip gravity or waving rocket to challenge you.
  • Geometry dash lite is one of the best games that give you the practice mode feature. Due to its challenging nature, you cannot even play this game without doing some practice. Here comes the practice mode where you can practice as many times as you want to sharpen your geometry dash lite skills. After doing it the right way, you can play the challenge. 
  • Geometry dash lite app is to challenge yourself with the near-impossible obstacles and hurdles. I bet you will get addicted to it.

System requirements

Following are the minimum system requirements to install Geometry Dash Lite MOD for Windows.

Operating SystemWindows 7/8/10
Processor 2.0 GHz or above
GraphicsBasic Graphics
Storage Needed100 MB

How to Download and Install Geometry Dash Lite Mod for PC

We have provided you with complete guidance about downloading and installing geometry dash lite for PC. Instructions are given along with the visuals to provide you with full assistance. Downloading and installing instructions are the following:

Step 1: First, Download Geometry Dash Lite MOD & the best Android Installer names BlueStacks.

Step 2: Install the BlueStacks; after installation, the following window will open.

BlueStacks Window after installation

Step 3: After that, import the downloaded Geometry dash lite file by clicking on the ‘APK’ option and then selecting the downloaded apk file.

Import Geometry dash lite by clicking on 'APK'

Step 4:  After installation, it will be shown in the ‘My games’ tab.

Geometry Dash Lite in Recent apps

Step 5: Click on the game; it will show the game controls on the right-hand side of BlueStacks.

Geometry Dash Lite mod apk for PC game controls

Step 6: Geometry Dash Lite for PC has successfully been installed. Enjoy!

Download Geometry Dash Lite for PC

What’s new in Geometry Dash lite 2.2 APK

The current and updated version of Geometry dash lite is 2.2. Whenever an app is updated, a few things are changed or updated in it. In the current version of geometry dash lite, the following are the new things that the developers included:

  • A new level named “Electroman adventure” is added in the latest version. Additionally, it is the 13th level of geometry dash lite. If we talk about difficulty level, it is the 14th level of insane difficulty. This level is the most adventurous. Level introduced many different hurdles with unique shapes within the same level and same point. We can also say them the destructive blocks. As a whole, the level is most impressive of all.
  • There were some bugs in the previous version. The developers worked hard and fixed many bugs in the upgraded version of Geometry Dash Lite.

Why Do People like Geometry Dash Lite MOD Apk for  Desktop/PC?

If you download original Geometry Dash Lite free from Play Store, you have to earn all the things by playing each level. Moreover, you have to play the game from the start if you lose at any point of the level. But you do not need to worry; we bring the Modified version of the Geometry Dash Lite game for you. 

In this version, you do not need to earn all the things. Just download and install the Geometry Dash Lite Mod and enjoy the infinite gameplay free. People like the MOD version of Geometry Dash Lite because of the following reasons:

Unlimited Money

In the mod version, everything is free for you. You will get unlimited money or coins in it. All the money of the game is in your hands. Enjoy the game at your best. 

All Things Unlocked

You do not need to pay a single penny to unlock the game items. You will get all the things about the game free and unlocked. All unlocked stuff is only available in the MOD version. 

Gravity and Flip Rockets

While you can use gravity and flip rockets to avoid collapsing from the obstacles, it makes you feel comfortable and fast to save the character. 

Practice Mode

As mentioned above, this is a challenging game, and you would not be able to play this challenging game without practice. RobTop developers added the practice mode to practice the game first before challenging anyone in the game. 


The game colors and visuals are cool and relaxing. If you are playing it after hours of working,  it will definitely make you feel good. Just install it and get ready to rule the game and challenge yourself to show your skills.


How to make your desired level in Geometry Dash Lite?

Now, you can create the level of your choice in geometry dash lite. You only have to go to the Level Editor, choose everything that you like, and design. 

How to find and unlock the hidden treasure in Geometry Dash Lite?

In geometry dash lite, there is also a hidden treasure, but it is locked. You can find the hidden treasure by the end of the levels; you will see ‘coming soon’ on the screen. Now, click on the info button at the top right corner, and it will show you the hidden treasure. Press ‘OK’ and then swipe the levels much time. To repeat this process, you will get the glory unlocked.

How to get geometry dash lite for windows/PC?

You can download the app and Bluestacks from our website. Read and follow the installation guidelines and enjoy geometry dash lite on pc.

How to unlock everything in Geometry Dash Lite?

If you are a developer, you can write the code to everything in geometry dash lite. However, you just need to download geometry dash lite for pc from here and install it on your laptop or computer.

How to beat Geometry Dash Lite on Windows?

Indeed, Geometry dash lite is a tough game. If you want to beat it, you need to practice it more and more using practice mode. After much practice, you will be able to win this game.

Final Words

Now you can enjoy the Geometry Dash Lite MOD game on your PC also. You just need to download it from here and install it. Here, we are facilitating your PC version of geometry dash lite and everything unlocked in the game. 

In conclusion, relax by downloading it on your PC without discharging your phone. It is also useful when your phone is away from you, or you are at work with your laptop. Download now and Enjoy unlimited gameplay. See you at the next game. 

Download and Enjoy Geometry Dash lite for PC!

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