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Geometry Dash Mod apk for Mac
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Geometry Dash app is a music-based video game. It was developed by Robert Topala, a Swedish developer, in 2013. It was initially not on Mac’s operating system, but you will be glad to know that you can currently enjoy this Arcade game on macOS. Geometry Dash MOD Apk 2.111 free for Mac/macOS is just one click away from you. Therefore, download Geometry Dash for mac and enjoy unlimited gameplay.

Geometry dash included platformer, music, and runner genres. Developed by RobTop developers as discussed before, its publisher name on Google Play Store is RobTop games. It was just a simple game at releasing time compatible only for Android phones and ios. After getting appreciation from the players, the developers upgraded it by adding more exciting features and also developed it for Mac

Straightaway, the Geometry dash comprises 21 official levels. The game currency is orbs and the stars that you get when you proceed to the game. It’s an addicting game due to its functionality and features. 

It is compatible with a touch screen, keyboard, or any game joystick/controller if we talk about gameplay. Merely, You can play Geometry Dash on your Android phone, Tablet, Desktop PC, or Mac. Thus you will not face any issue while playing it on any device, e.g., Desktop, Mac, tablet, or mobile phone.  

Furthermore, there is a small icon in the game that the player controls. The main aim is to save the game’s character from hitting the obstacles by pressing the keyboard button or tapping the touch screen. The game aims to reach the end by protecting it from spinning discs, sky buildings, and saw teeth like floor. 

In the original Geometry Dash Apk, if you hit the spinning disc or snag, you will have to start the game again from the beginning. Afterward, you will have to earn the coins, diamonds, lives, or other rewards. Do not worry! We brought a permanent solution for you. 

Geometry Dash Mod Apk 2.111 free download for Mac/macOS brings unlimited everything for you. All the skins are available. Just download Geometry dash on Macbook free and enjoy endless gameplay without paying a single penny. Here is the additional information about the Geometry dash app.

Additional information

Name Geometry Dash
Genre Arcade
Developers RobTop Developers
Current Version 2.111
Rating Value 4.6
Rating Count 7,499,77
Installs 1,000,000+
Size 74.9 MB
Operating System Mac

Game Features

Geometry dash app is popular among the games due to its attractive features. Some signification hallmarks of Geometry Dash are listed below:

  • The platform of Geometry dash is Rhythm-based. If you are playing it, you will never get bored because the alternative background sound will make you engage with the game every second. There are different soundtracks for each level and victory at every single point whenever you pass through an impediment.
  • Repetition makes a person feel bored, but you will never get bored in geometry dash 2.111 due to the unique background sound for all levels.
  • The level editor enables you to create your own desired level with your own choice of parameters. Meanwhile, you can also share the levels with other people.
  • If you are tired of seeing the same game character, you can now select any icon or character from an icon library. Additionally, you can customize the icon with your favorite colors.
  • There is not only one character in the whole game, but several characters will change level to level, e.g., flip gravity, fly rockets, and many more.
  • In the beginning, we are not good players in any game. Practice mode in geometry dash free assists you in practicing before starting the challenging level of the game. Whenever you feel you are ready to chase the levels, you can turn from practice mode towards challenges.
  • Rewards like coins, diamonds, lives, and other items dare us to play more. Here, you can enjoy unlimited rewards and achievements after proceeding through the game.
  • Many games offer you to buy goods like diamonds, coins, etc., while playing a game. However, in geometry dash, there are no in-app purchases.
  • As a whole, geometry dash is a challenging game.

Minimum System Requirements

Operating System (OS) Mac OS X 10.7
Processor 2.0+ GHz
Graphics Basic Graphics
Storage 150 MB

How to download and install Geometry Dash on Mac/macOS

In the beginning, geometry dash was not compatible with the macOS. After some time, BlueStackes launched its new version that is fully compatible with macOS. 

Installation of Geometry Dash 2.111 Mac free is just child’s play. All you need to install BlueStacks software along with Geometry Dash apk version 2.111. A complete guide to installing geometry dash mod apk 2.111 on mac/macOS is given below:

  • The first step is to download ‘Geometry Dash MOD’ and ‘BlueStacks’ from here
  • Open the BlueStacks downloaded file; it will appear like shown in the following figure. Then click on ‘install.’
Install BlueStacks
  • After that, a window will pop-up. Here, sign in with your Gmail account.
Sign in with gmail account
  • At the moment, you have to install the download geometry dash mod apk file. Click on the ‘Install apk’ option, choose the downloaded app file, and wait for a moment to install
Install downloaded game file
  • After installation, the file will be shown in the ‘My games’ tab, as shown following.
My installed games
  • After successful installation, play Geometry dash mod apk version 2.111 for mac/MacOS by just clicking on it.

Download Geometry Dash MOD for Mac and BlueStacks

Why do people go for Geometry Dash MOD Apk for Mac?

Geometry Dash is an Arcade game; people like it for the following significant reasons:

Effects and Icons

Geometry dash is best among people of all ages. 2D platformer effects and fascinating icons make you addicted to this game. Every level has its unique influence, and you can choose your desired icon for it. You do not need to get the default icon if it’s making you getting bored. As a whole, the effects are upshot and cool.

Community shop

While playing a game, everyone wants to change and boost the icon characteristic. Community shop in Geometry Dash 2.111 for Mac gives you a community shop. You can just access it by pulling the rope in the kit icon menu and enjoy unlimited shop items to make the game more interesting.

Weekly Challenge

A game becomes more interesting if it is challenging. Challenges boost your energy and make you better at gameplay. In Geometry Dash, you can enjoy the weekly challenge, also along with the daily challenge. The weekly challenge is much more challenging than the daily challenge, and you can prove your ability by playing the most demanding levels of the weekly challenge.

Level Sorting & Folders

As there are many types of Geometry Dash levels, e.g., easy, hard, harder, etc., when you are playing all difficulty levels, it becomes a mess, and you forget which levels are hard, easy, and hardest. Geometry Dash brings the solution for you. You can now create folders and sort your levels according to your understanding quickly. You just have to create folders, add the levels, and sort them.

Level Leaderboard

Sometimes you want to check your and your friends’ level of the game in terms of scores, coins, or diamonds. Geometry Dash brings the feature of Leaderboard. You can view your rank in the leaderboard relative to your friends and other players sorted by categories.

Bug Fixes

In old versions of Geometry Dash, there were some bugs like duplication of some reward. However, the Geometry Dash 2.111 version for mac has all the bugs fixed.


What is the latest version of Geometry Dash?

2.111 is the latest version of Geometry Dash.

Is Geometry Dash Compatible with macOS?

After release, it was not compatible with macOS. Also, no third-party application was able to play it on Mac. Now, the latest version of BlueStacks is compatible with macOS. You can enjoy it on the MacBook also. 

Is Geometry Dash safe on a MacBook?

Yes, it is entirely safe to play on macOS. 

Does Geometry Dash need any credits to download it from the Play Store?

Yes, Geometry Dash is a Premium game. You need to pay $1.99 to download it from Google Play Store. 

Will you lose your diamonds/orbs in the 2.111 version?

No, in the 2.111 version of Geometry Dash, all bugs have been fixed. You will not lose your orbs or diamonds in this updated version.

Final Words

As a result, Geometry Dash gets popular when its versions were compatible with ios, windows, and Mac. This game will make you feel good after simultaneous work. Just install it on your MacBook, do not waste your mobile phone’s charging, and play it on your Mac. 

Simple controls, high-quality graphics, easy to customize features make it an outstanding game. Just Download Geometry Dash Mod Apk version 2.111 for Mac and enjoy unlimited gameplay free of cost. See you with a new app.

Install and enjoy Geometry Dash Mod Apk version 2.111 for Mac/macOS!

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