Geometry Dash Best Tips and Tricks

Geometry Dash Best Tips & Tricks

Geometry Dash is a challenging and captivating game developed by the famous RobTop developers. It’s a game to beat near impossible, having a piece of fascinating and unique background music for all individual levels. Before moving forward, if you want to download the mod and premium versions click on the Download button.

Geometry Dash is not a free game, but it is a Premium game that costs $1.99 if you buy it from Google Play Store. Geometry Dash’s gameplay is the hardest among the other Arcade games. Besides all this, it is also an exciting game.

Its significant features include customization of character, practice mode, color customization, a level editor, and much more. If you are a beginner at Geometry Dash, you must need much practice to beat its levels and learn about the Geometry Dash Tips.

Here, we will share some best Geometry Dash Tips and Tricks with you that will help you boost your energy while playing Geometry dash.


Neglect the Secret Rewards & Coins

In each level of geometry dash, you will see some secret coins that would be difficult for you to get. As human nature, all the game players try to get those secret coins and mostly fail because it is difficult to collect them. 

So, we recommend ignoring the secret coins and focusing on passing the level without hitting the obstacles. In fact, those coins are to distract you. Whenever you pass a level, you get rewards; therefore, focus only on beating the levels.

Neglect Geometry Dash Secret Coins

Best Controls for Geometry Dash

Geometry Dash is mainly an Android or IOS game, but you can enjoy it on your Windows or macOS due to many android emulators. The game controls are different for each device, for example, for Android and IOS, there is a tapping control only. 

For Windows or macOS, you can control it by an up arrow, mouse, and spacebar button. Let us suggest the best one for all devices. For mobile phones, it is easiest to control it by just tapping on the touch screen and the same for touch laptops or tablets. 

If you are controlling from a mouse, then it is better to click with the left button (it’s my choice also). If you want to control from a hardware keyboard, the best method is to control via a spacebar (in my opinion). We also found it efficient to command it from the spacebar button. 

But if you have enough practice for the up arrow button, you can go with it. However, make sure with all the controls and choose the best one for you.

Shut off the Music

Geometry dash is a music-based action platform, but we found that it’s also a hurdle in performing well in the game. The reason behind this is that music is played each time you pass an obstacle. Most of the time, it distracts you from focusing on the gameplay, and your efficiency decreases. The excellent way is to shut off the music and concentrate on the game.

Focus Point during Gameplay

As Geometry dash is an auto-playing game, you just need to tap on your mobile touch screen. But the question is, where do you look while playing? Many players focus on the right or upcoming graphics side, and some look at just after the cubic block. 

Here we are going to recommend your best place to focus on after many years of experience. If you are playing with a cubic character, pay attention to the things just after the cube. However, if the character is changed, for example, flip gravity or a rocket, look at the right and upcoming blocks. It will assist you in passing the levels effortlessly.

Give the Best Shot with Practice Mode

If you cannot play the Geometry Dash well, give it a shot with practice mode first. Do much practice with the practice mode available and sharpen your skill. When you feel you are good at it, then go for the challenge.

Edit Levels for Which You are Feeling Down

The level editor is a plus in Geometry Dash. You can create your own desired levels with full customization. This point is self-explanatory, in fact. For example, if you are bad at steering the ship, then create a level for steering the ship and making yourself better. Same as for all the levels where you feel down yourself. 

It is also our experience that if we practice what you are having the problem, you can perform better.

Time of Reaction

Reaction time is a significant thing in GD. You must be aware of the time and place of the reaction while playing GD. Somewhere you need to be quicker and must be mindful of the upcoming thing/obstacle. 

Your reaction time will be better when you have done enough practice of each level. Without preparation, you cannot perform well and will be unaware of the reaction on time at each point.

Boosters in Geometry Dash

Boosters are a plus in geometry dash. They increase your character’s energy and boost up your level with instant passing. Their boosters enable the character to fly higher and permits you to ace the level successfully and quickly.

Take a Break

A break is an essential thing in every aspect of life. Similarly, the interval is also crucial in gaming. As we know that Geometry Dash is a challenging game, and it will frustrate you if you are playing it for many hours. However, frustration can be a bad thing for you. 

That is why it is crucial to take a break from it. Give your mind some relaxation and do not think much to beat it. Take it regularly and as a game always.

Avoid Obstacles

Your main objective is to prevent the cube from hitting the obstacles in the path of moving character. Which thing will make you able to stop it? Yes, with much practice, you will be able to pass the hurdles and ace the game easily.

Continuous Tapping for Consecutive Hurdles

As you know, the geometry dash is about to save the cube from spikes. There would be many spots where you will face consecutive blocks. Here, you must hold your finger to tap to protect it from successive hurdles.

Don’t Purchase Geometry Dash App until you Need it

As you know, GD is a premium game at $1.99. We recommend you first make yourself able to play it smoothly using practice mode. Do not buy it until you feel you are good at it. Otherwise, it would be a loss of your money.

Third-Party App

Many third parties are giving you Geometry Dash Premium Apk. If you are going to buy it, we suggest you just go to the official Android Google Play Store or iPhone apple store. The reason is that if you download it from any third party, you cannot perform well. 

Because their codes are slow and did not run faster on your mobile phone and correspondingly reduce your game performance.

Share your Tips

As the quote said, “Sharing is caring.” Suppose you are a pro player at Geometry Dash and found something useful. Kindly share Geometry Dash Tips and Tricks in the comments below.

Thank you 🙂

Share your Geometry Dash Tips

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