Geometry Dash World for Mac (MOD+Unlocked) Download Free

If you want to play a challenging game with the most straightforward controls and accessible on your Mac/macOS, then the Geometry Dash World is the right gaming App for you. The reason is that it will give you an incredible experience and will remove all your mental stress.

Furthermore, you will never get out of the coins, lives, or diamonds. Therefore, Download Geometry Dash World for Mac and enjoy non-stop gaming.

Geometry Dash World for Mac

  • Compelling Platform
  • Straightforward Controls
  • Entertaining Music
  • Online Levels
Geometry Dash World for

Description of Geometry Dash World

Geometry Dash World is a globally famous game due to its challenging nature, simplest controls, and high-quality graphics. Contains various unique levels with individual characters, graphics, and background music. It’s a spin-off of Geometry Dash Original Apk.

Geometry Dash World has addictive gameplay that is now available on Mac operating systems. It’s a free and easy game with two different worlds. Each world has its levels and themes. The name of this game world is due to the other world in it. 

Theme & Gameplay

As the name suggests, all the things in the Geometry Dash World are like geometrical shapes. The game will be started with a 2D cube that will be moving forward automatically. You do not need to do anything to move the game character. 

As the game proceeds, the game’s adventure begins; There will be different shapes and types of hurdles like saw, high buildings, shape rotating discs, flip rockets, gravity rockets, water, high walls, and much more. You need to pass the obstacles without hitting. 

The control is effortless by just tapping on your touch screen or pressing the spacebar button on your Laptop/MacBook and saving the object from hitting any item. Therefore, explore the adventurous gameplay of geometry dash world and relax your mind.

Additional Information

NameGeometry Dash World
Developed byRobTop Developers
Operating SystemMac
Rating Value4.3
Rating Count1,005,323
Android Requirement4.0 or above
Size52.5 MB


Geometry Dash World is an adventurous game with new levels, new characters, new themes, new music, etc. The exciting features of this game are described in the following:

Simple & Compelling Platform

As a quote said,” Simple is the best.” Geometry Dash world also has attractive and straightforward features that make each player addicted to it. Simple eye-catchy graphics, simple game ideas make it more interesting. Furthermore, a person of any age can play this game. 

Straightforward Control

It has been noted that many games have very complicated controls. Sometimes control is so complex that you press the wrong controls during gameplay. However, Geometry Dash World has simple one-tap control. The character moves forward automatically, and you just need to tap on the screen to save the icon. 

Entertaining Music

A game without music is just a poor collaboration. However, geometry dash world gameplay entertains you with distinctive background music for individual levels. Not only the background music but also the sound is played whenever you pass any obstacle and level.

New Levels with Famous Music

Geometry Dash World consists of ten uncommon levels with odd music from F-777, waterflame, and Dex Arson. This is the reason that makes it stand out from the crowd than other spin-offs.

Play Daily Quests & Get Rewards

Besides the level completion rewards, now you can play the daily quests available in Geometry Dash World. By completing the quests, you will get fantastic rewards or treasures. 

Online Levels

If you get bored after playing the same Geometry Dash World levels, check out the latest online levels’ new features. Now you can enjoy various exciting levels online with your friends or other online players too. 

Customization Options

Most of the games come with zero or limited customization. You can change the music or dark/light mode only. But here comes the Geometry Dash World that offers you maximum customization. You can customize the character shapes, character color, or even theme colors that excite you more. 

Sharpen Your Skills with Practice Mode

If you are not good at geometry dash world or play it for the first time, you will not perform well. However, you can get familiar with the gameplay and sharpen your skills by the practice mode available. After practicing much, you can challenge your friends or other players. 

Challenging Nature

A game becomes more exciting when it has challenging nature. Geometry Dash World is famous among the players due to its graphics and customization, and problematic nature. 

Near Impossible

Now you can enjoy the game by saving the icon from the near-impossible. It is called new impossible because it looks impossible to save the game character under challenging levels.

What’s new in Current Version

The current version of Geometry Dash World is 1.03, and it comprises the following recent updates:

  • New functions are added like achievement boxes, daily quests, chests, unlockable, and many more.
  • Bug fixed and tweaks.

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MOD Version of Geometry Dash World for Mac

If you download Geometry Dash World from the play store, you will get limited content. Everyone dislikes this message ‘You are out of lives or ‘You are out of coins.’ Despite this problem, developers brought a solution to this problem in terms of MOD Apk. 

You can now download Geometry Dash World for mac MOD free from here and enjoy unlimited and non-stop gameplay. In MOD, you will get everything unlimited and without paying a single penny. No In-app purchases, no cost, the coins will never go down to zero.

Mac System Requirements

Operating SystemMac OS X 10.7
Processor2.0 GHz or above
Graphics Basic Graphics
Storage Needed100 MB

How to Download and Install Geometry Dash World for Mac (MOD)

There are a lot of ways of installing Geometry Dash World for Mac. Also, numerous Android emulators. Nonetheless, we suggest BlueStacks is the best emulator for playing MOD games. Follow the mentioned procedure to download and Install Geometry Dash World for PC.

Step 1: Download Geometry Dash World MOD and BlueStacks from the downloading buttons, or you can also download by clicking on their names.

Step 2: Open the BlueStacks file, click on the Install button and wait for the installation. It will take some time to install.

Step 3: After that, run the BlueStacks and click on the “APK” button to choose the Geometry Dash World MOD downloaded file.

Step 4: Choose the downloaded game file, and it will take some seconds to install.

Step 5: Now, your game has been successfully installed, you can check by going to the ‘My games’ menu.

Step 6: In the end, click on the game, play, and enjoy it.

Download Geometry Dash World MOD Apk for Mac


The user coins feature was added in version 1.6  (Geometry Dash) the first time, and all other versions have this feature till now. You can get used coins in primary levels and obtain them by finishing the Map packs.

There are two ways to get silver coins in the geometry dash world. You can go to the custom levels and play with silver coins. Second, go to online levels, then select features and play with silver coins.

An emblem is necessary to get access to the ’Chamber of Time.’ You can go to the chamber of time by going to the coming tab soon. If you want to get it, first unlock the monster cage obtained in a vault of secrets.

You can get the geometry dash world keys by completing the levels by winning the stars. You can earn the stars when you get logged in from your account.

You can download the geometry dash full version free from the google play store. If you want the MOD version, you can download it from our website.

Final Words

If you are a gamer and like challenging games, a geometry dash world game is for you. It has almost all the things that a gamer wants. If you are a Mac user and want to play games on your MacBook in your leisure time, you can play it on your Mac. 

Don’t drain your mobile battery, get it on your mac and enjoy unlimited gameplay free. A simple game with attractive graphics, smooth controls, and much more. So, download Geometry Dash World for PC and enjoy. See you with the subsequent App. 

Download and Play Geometry Dash World for PC (MOD)!

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