How to Get Better at Geometry Dash?

How to get better at Geometry Dash

These days, it’s a hot topic among the geometry dash players; how to get better at geometry dash? We performed some surveys, collected data from both the good players and bad players, and compiled useful information for you. 

Here, we will share some significant points that you must keep in mind, and you will definitely get the answer to the question; how to be a pro at geometry dash? However, keep in mind these are the universal points, and if anyone applies, he will definitely perform better at GD. 

Let’s have a look at the crucial points to get better at geometry dash.

1. To be better at GD is your will

It is the most essential and primary point and applies in all fields of life. Many people play GD just for fun. They do not even focus on their performance. They do not pay attention to the points that can make them better at GD. 

Remember, if you play the game without keeping any target in mind, you cannot perform better. If you play GD by keeping to win the game in mind, you will indeed perform well. So, to be better is your own choice.

2. Practice, Practice, and Practice

As a quote said, “Practice makes a man perfect” it is an actual damn fact. Keep practicing the levels that you cannot pass. We are sure, after doing practice 5 to 10 times of each level that you think is difficult, you will be good at that. 

A best practice is by turning off the auto-check points, make your own check points to keep track of your performance. In fact, it will take more time than usual, but it is what it is. Practice makes you able to know about the core of each level that you cannot find while playing a challenge.

3. Light gains make a heavy purse

It is a self-explained quote. You can fill a cup one drop at a time. Now you think what the relation of this quote with the excellent performance of GD is? Do not worry; we are going to explain it further for you. 

As we all know, big things are made by joining the small portions. Similarly, you will be good at geometry dash if you will keep practicing. For example, on the first day, you will be good at some points, and your presentation will increase dramatically. 

You will have to increase up; otherwise, you are just making shit. The more you challenge yourself in uncomfort zone, the more you will perform better. So, keep going by collecting one drop at each step to keep your cup full.

4. Physical Exercise

We know it is a weird point for you. Previously, I was also against this point, but now I agree with this point. If you do some physical exercise, it will keep your mind and body healthy. It will increase the blood flow and strengthen your muscles. 

As you get the strengthened muscles, your reaction and memory will increase. It will not just boost you up, but also you will perform better at GD.

5. Game Controls, which one is the best

From our experience, we analyzed that the controls don’t matter. If you use a spacebar, tap, mouse, or anything to control your character, it’s all fine. Everything has its advantages and disadvantages. You just have to know which control sets best for you. 

It does not mean you keep changing your control every day, but you must try all at once and then choose the best for you.

6. Take Short Breaks

It is a fact that continuous work reduces your performance. So, you must take some short breaks while playing GD. In our opinion, take some break after 30 minutes. In the break, go outside, drink some water or your favorite beverages, eat something you relish, and play again. 

Must try it; you will see exponential increments in your performance.

7. Don’t give up until you are best at GD

It is one of the most critical points. If you are a newbie at GD, after losing sometimes, you will think like, “this game is not for me, or I cannot be good at it.” Stop! Do not worry! Everything is difficult in the beginning. 

You must keep trying, and consistency will make you succeed at geometry dash. So, don’t let yourself down if you are playing worse. Just keep going and enjoy.

Sharing is Caring

We will expand this article if we get anything useful in the future. If you have some tips as per your personal experience, you must share them with other users in the comments as helping material. 

Just do it, and you will be better at Geometry Dash!

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